Photometric Surveys

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Scientific Approach

A photometric study is a survey of the lighting levels in your parking lot. Measured in foot-candles, we plot grid level readings across the parking lot and display the readings against the backdrop of the base operations plan.. Generally, a parking lot has about 2 to 5 foot-candles. Local ordinance determines minimum lighting conditions for commercial properties and we highlight areas of deficiency for review.

We also perform specific surveys that are localized to problem areas and can include these as part of a general survey.

Grid-based databases can be provided for analysis, together with non-standard readings for Sodium, Mercury, or Fluorescent lighting. Measurements can also be provided in Lux when FC is not the required measurement unit.

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Underground Parking or Indoor Lighting

Photometric surveys have also been completed for multi-story and underground parking lots where safety and security issues have required intervention.


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