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Once we complete our work, these are YOUR plans. You can get all product files, including all source materials, images and drawings with full editing and ownership for as long as you own the property. There are no hidden fees, hosting charges, or update charges. Your free lifetime warranty allows you to keep these plans as living breathing instruments, years after you hired us to create them.

Delivering Lite Operations Plans

The process of delivering lite operations plans is a highly organized event that leans very little on the property management team. Our mission is to be as independent as possible in pulling together everything we need without reinventing the wheel, should prior information exist.

Our process can be loosely defined in four principal phases; preparation, survey, annotating, and drafting. While each of these stages has a level of proofing involved, a final proofing is performed as the product is delivered and uploaded. From origin to delivery, the process typically takes two to three weeks from arrival on your property.

Unlike others, we use only employees in all phases of the process. While it may hurt our bottom line a little, we believe the control that it gives us over the accuracy and completeness is worth the hit. So whichever of our people that you come in contact with at any phase of our process, rest assured that these are GaelCom personnel and not transient part-time contractors.

Generally speaking, the most contact your property management team will have with us, is in the preparation stage. We look to see what as-builts or drawings might exist. We look for access information to electric or riser rooms or rooftops. We look for key contact information should our surveyor need something while on site.

But typically, at the survey phase, you don't even notice our surveyors on the property. They don't arrive in RVs or trailers, they are generally nondescript and tenant-invisible. Should they be working around sensitive tenants like banks, they normally go in and introduce themselves, show permission documents to the manager and make sure that your tenants are comfortable and not inconvenienced.

Our surveyors are experienced and fully trained. Our least-experienced surveyor currently has seven years and our most has thirty seven years. Rest assured, they know what they are doing.

Our drafting team are experienced CAD designers working with state of the art CAD and Vector Graphic software. They deliver clean and accurate representations of your property based upon what the surveyors have unearthed onsite.

Our support team are senior professionals with years of experience designed to make sure that the intended product is delivered and that it meets, if not exceeds, your needs.

Our management team is mostly made up of degreed engineering experts with between 25 and 45 years experience in major international corporations.

Together we all work to secure the best information and deliver the best end product to you that provides real benefit into your organization. Furthermore, we look to future proof your product with continued investment in R&D that translates into a living and breathing tool for your property for years to come!

Did you notice the difference in process as compared to Full set of plans? No, nor do we. We treat both sets of plans in an identical fashion. Not only does it mean that we reduce the possibility of missing something in the Lite plans, but it also means you can upgrade from Lite to Full without a hiccup, at any stage should your budget allow it.


For over 13 years, GaelCom has led the market with continual product and process improvements. Our innovations typically take one or two years before they appear in our competitor's offerings and by then we have moved the ball forward again. We commit a significant share of earnings back into product development and we work with key clients to establish product viabilities.

This 2020 version of our operations plans has brought product accuracy, transparency, and interactivity to an altogether new level. Some of the Nation's leading REITs and management companies turn to GaelCom to provide them with innovative tools to improve how they operate their properties. Shouldn't you?.

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