GeoSpatial Surveys

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Geographic Mapping and Analysis

Caoilte has developed expertise that allows us to engage in certain GIS and GPS activities on commercial properties. We have been focusing on surface/topical rather than subterranean analysis for the near term and have specifically been engaged in elevation and surface water flow projects.

Talk to us about specific geo projects and let our geo technologists pull together an analysis of your commercial property. We are not yet tackling new developments but redevelopments and specifically those involving drainage are of interest to us.


For over 13 years, Caoilte has led the market with continual product and process improvements. Our innovations typically take one or two years before they appear in our competitor's offerings and by then we have moved the ball forward again. We commit a significant share of earnings back into product development and we work with key clients to establish product viabilities.

This 2020 version of our operations plans has brought product accuracy, transparency, and interactivity to an altogether new level. Some of the Nation's leading REITs and management companies turn to Caoilte to provide them with innovative tools to improve how they operate their properties. Shouldn't you?.

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