If you haven't experienced Operations Plans before, you might find some of the following questions and answers we've seen over the years.

Operations plans are typically used by Property Managers to deal with vendor and tenant issues from a firm base of knowledge. They improve property knowledge and reduce reliance on specific vendor knowledge, thus reducing operating costs by ensuring competitive bids for CAM work..
Aside from access and contact information, we don't really need anything else from the property manager. If there are existing as-builts or property plans that can be provided, then these will help in forming the basis for our survey. But if not, we can quite confidently do without. Remember, unless we have evidence of a datapoint, it will not appear on our plans anyway. So our surveys are self-standing and thorough.
The name "site plan" is somewhat of a misnomer and is often a source of confusion. Although we have been known to use that term, a site plan is actually the physical basis of these plans and is not defined as having infrastructure datapoints like these operations plans do. If your in-house construction people are telling you that you already have site plans, they are likely referring to something considerably more basic and less operationally useful.
We capture every datapoint on your property. as a single item and report it on a plan as a separate entity. This allows for a simple updating process that we don't even charge for!
Unlike other plans, we provide complete transparency to anything we have reported in a plan. Apart from the fact that you can instantly see the reality of any datapoint by clicking on the icon, you can also request any supporting materials such as other relevant images, field notes, and datapoint spreadsheets.
Absolutely! We can embed almost any additional sourced information within the end-product PDFs. Just let us know what you have and this is normally done at no charge to you!
Operations plans are priced based on GLA of the property. Our pricing is typically the lowest in the market as we base our pricing on a very effective and highly structured process model. If you would like to see specific pricing on a property, just send us a request and provide us with basic information such as GLA and any leasing plan you might have.
Operations plans are covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty. This means that updates, changes, corrections are done completely free of charge. As long as we don't have to revisit the location, you are fully covered! And there is no ongoing maintenance fee or hosting charge. Nickel and diming is not part of our business credo.
If you are seriously reading this FAQ hoping for an answer, then it might be time for that coffee you have been putting off this morning. Sit back, relax, and breathe in your day. In the words of Mr Rogers "let's make the most of this beautiful day".

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