Core Plans

The beginning of any good survey is the creation of core plans. These are the foundation plans upon which all others are built. In this case, they consist of the blank, key measurements and parking plans. Since day one, we insisted on scale drawings based upon actual field measurements and to this day that has not changes.

Regardless of whether we have received an as-built, leasing plan, or are just working from chicken scratches on the back of a napkin, our surveyors initial task upon arriving at the property is to measure and draw out the property as-is. Field measurements are pretty accurate but will be tweaked back at the CAD station to make sure that the end product is an accurate representation of the property as it is today. Once we add in the parking stall and handicap spaces, the core plans closely resemble what most people would call a site plan.


  • Field-measured
  • CAD drawn
  • Online shareable PDFs
  • High resolution zoom to 2000%
  • Downloadable CAD drawings
  • Image supported

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Insist on Accuracy

Don't use amateur and inaccurate drawings of your property that reflect badly on your company's image.

Demand Transparency

There should be no blind spot in site plans. Avoid companies that use smoke and mirrors in their survey process.

Use YOUR Platform

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or even phone ... plans need to be portable to fit your needs, not you fitting theirs.

Integrate with Confidence

We design with standard file types and produce plans that can be easily integrated into your existing online presence.

Easily Updated

Commercial properties change. Tenants leave and arrive. Buildings are altered and sites redeveloped. Our plans are fully archived and easily updated.

Mark-up and Share

As browser efficiencies improve, today's online PDF product is easily marked up or tagged with notes and saved within the browser itself.

Clean and Accurate

The core plans for any property are the most accurate representation possible of what your property looks like today. Forget as-built, demand as-is.

Downloadable CAD

The plans have instant download capabilities for CAD (DWG) files. And on demand we can readily export to any of over 100 file types ... we have you covered.

In 2006 we became the first company to produce operations plan to scale..

It was the first of many innovations that we brought to the market. While our competitor shipped product with "Not to Scale" in the fine print, we delivered accuracy at a lower price.


For over 13 years, Caoilte has led the market with continual product and process improvements. Our innovations typically take one or two years before they appear in our competitor's offerings and by then we have moved the ball forward again. We commit a significant share of earnings back into product development and we work with key clients to establish product viabilities.

This 2020 version of our operations plans has brought product accuracy, transparency, and interactivity to an altogether new level. Some of the Nation's leading REITs and management companies turn to Caoilte to provide them with innovative tools to improve how they operate their properties. Shouldn't you?.

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