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For over 20 years, we have been a key innovator in technology-led industries. We lead our market through continuous innovation. We refuse to stand still.

Others prefer to follow. They are excellent shadow-dwellers.. We applaud them for integrating our innovations into their product ... at least their clients get some benefit from our innovations too, albeit a year or two later.

Our clients are some of the largest REITs in the industry and they turn to us for operations plans because they know they can rely on us. Rely on our commitment to excellence in everything we do. Good is frankly, not good enough. Our employees excel in everything they do, allowing us to provide the best product at the best price. We don't use contractors and RV tourists to generate our plans ... only full time professional employees, working within a highly documented and organized process. A process that is ultimately transparent to our clients and that ultimately delivers the most accurate and complete product available.

We recently polled our clients on their Caoilte experience ...

Here is what they told us

Reasons REITs choose us.

Accuracy of Product 92%

Price 82%

Process 74%

Innovation 78%

There isn't a day goes by, but our product accuracy proves to be a key reason why our plans are bought and used all across the US. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do. But the product and process has to be transparent enough to allow the errors to be caught and corrected in as expedient a way as possible. There isn't a single item that appears in our plans that can't be verified, simply and conclusively.

There isn't a better way to survey a property, or document that survey than the Caoilte process. We have standardized and refined our process carefully to make sure that each property experiences what we refer to as "the 110% process". If you haven't experienced the 110% process yet, then you clearly have yet to experience the Caoilte Advantage.

There is little doubt that our operations plans continue to set the pace for our competitors. On average we see each year's new features appearing one or two years later in their products. There is no shame in that and we genuinely applaud their efforts. Not everyone is equipped to lead. It's something that we committed to and so we commit a very high level of revenue back into funding our ongoing R&D activities. We future-proof each innovation to make sure that future generations of the product act as natural extensions of current product.


For over 13 years, Caoilte has led the market with continual product and process improvements. Our innovations typically take one or two years before they appear in our competitor's offerings and by then we have moved the ball forward again. We commit a significant share of earnings back into product development and we work with key clients to establish product viabilities.

This 2020 version of our operations plans has brought product accuracy, transparency, and interactivity to an altogether new level. Some of the Nation's leading REITs and management companies turn to Caoilte to provide them with innovative tools to improve how they operate their properties. Shouldn't you?.

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